Is Grounding Good for You?

EMF Earthing Is Grounding Good for You 1

The short answer is: It depends. “Earthing” or “grounding” is a hot topic these days with health-conscious people. It is often one of the first products of EMF protection that people try out because it has become popularized by the Earthing website and the associated book, “Earthing.” The book outlines a cornucopia of health benefits… Read More

Report on Wi-Fi Dangers for Children

WiFi Fox News Clip

This is one of the best news reports yet on how Wi-Fi and cell phones affect children. The honest, emotional reaction of the news anchors at the end of the short segment is what most people experience when learning about this topic. Here is the research the medical doctor was referring to. If you would like… Read More

Wi-Fi in Schools?

EMF World Health Organization WiFi Cancer

The downside of Wi-Fi in schools is showing up more and more in the press. What this excellent report from Australia misses is that most of the children are affected biologically by the microwave radiation from the Wi-Fi routers, but only a few show symptoms right away. Take a look for yourself:   The following… Read More

How to Use a Computer Safely


Do you get headaches or fatigue while on a computer? If so, then the following may help you. There are simple, effective steps that you can take to reduce your EMF exposure while on a laptop computer. The following are the steps you can take: Image 1: The typical way that laptop computers are used…. Read More